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Turnkey Modular Systems Inc. (TKMS) was formed to provide the design and supply of custom modular process systems for high purity applications. Our focus is to provide a high level of technical and engineering expertise for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industries. We offer a standard line of Clean-In-Place systems, Bio-Waste Decontamination systems, Continuous Sterilization systems, Temperature Control Units, as well as custom designs for other modular process applications.

The company was founded by Paul and Michael Hallman, along with a group of technical experts that have been working as a group for upwards of 30 years in process design applications and have expertise in all market segments for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and high purity health care industries.

Paul Hallman has been a member of ISPE for 25 years and has been a keynote speaker on Modular Designed Systems for the regulated industries for the past 20 years. Speaking engagements included New York City, Orlando Florida, San Diego California, Copenhagen Denmark, and Frankfurt Germany as well as several smaller venues with consulting engineers and end users. His reputation for understanding a modular approach for process applications is highly regarded within the industry. In addition to the numerous speaking engagements he has written several articles on process applications including Clean-In-Place Systems which has been published in several journals.

Michael Hallman has worked in the Biopharmaceutical industry providing equipment solutions since 1998 and been a member of ISPE since 2004. He has been responsible for the management and delivery of modular equipment projects ranging from single stand alone process systems to large scale super-skid systems. Michael has lectured on the design, manufacture and installation of modular process equipment and his expertise in delivering turnkey process systems is highly regarded in the biopharmaceutical and high purity health care industries.

Turnkey Modular Systems Inc. is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With easy access to Major Highways, Shipping ports, Railway lines and Airports, our unique location allows us to ship to anywhere within North America or the world . For out of town clients, our office is located within 15 minutes of the Toronto International Airport and 90 minutes from Niagara Falls. Toronto is a world class city and is an excellent place for clients to enjoy our fine restaurants, superb hotels and our world renown Canadian hospitality.


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