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Process Engineering is an integral part of our services and we offer a full compliment of design disciplines that are essential for a successful project.

We also offer design and engineering as a separate service.

Our designs are unique because our engineered always compliments the preliminary engineering packages issued by traditional A & E firms. These packages can also be part of a design build project approach. For further information on our design build offerings, visit our web page entitled Custom Designed Modular Systems.

Summary of Specific Design Experience

Our design team has expertise in the following areas:

Type of System Biotech & Pharma Dairy & Food Cosmetic
Bioreactor and Fermentation Systems    
Media and Buffer Prep Systems  
Harvest Hold and Recovery Systems  
Purification & Custom Chromatography    
Clean-in-place (CIP) Systems
Continuous Sterilization Systems
Decontamination & Bio-Waste Systems
Filtration (UF/MF/DF) Systems
High Purity Water and Clean Steam  
Custom Processing Systems
Batching and Blending Systems
Heating and Cooling Systems
Pumping Systems


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