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Turn-Key Modular Systems Inc. offers site installation of high purity stainless steel piping for applications that require a high level of technical expertise. This service is based on many years of practical hands on experience, and is backed by our engineering and design teams. These two groups work hand in hand to provide the necessary support for all high purity installations.

In Canada we offer day to day site installation services for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetic, and Food & Beverage Industries and in the United States we provide site installation for the modular systems we manufacture, including field piping installation for systems that interconnect to our modules. This can include product piping, service piping and pneumatic piping.

We are justifiably proud of our ability to meet the strictest requirements imposed by these industries, as well as our ability to continually meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Our many years of experience gives us the flexibility to not only work with owners, but also to assist them, their construction managers, and general contractors in completing these challenging projects. We carefully assemble project teams to combine the essential skills and management required for the timely outcome of each project using our own staff or partnering with other qualified companies to properly mobilize a team for each site install.
Our areas of expertise include process and utility piping installation, specialty gas and chemical piping installation, installation and hookup of modular systems, and a broad range of support services including project management for site installation, system start-up assistance as well as validation support. Automatic Orbital Welding and boroscope inspection is done wherever required and full documentation of as-builts drawings and weld logs are provided.

Additionally, Turn-Key Modular Systems Inc. designs and manufactures custom process modules and skids for the industries we serve.

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