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Bio-Waste Systems
Bio-Waste Decontamination / Bio-Product Inactivation Systems

For cell culture and fermentation projects, it is crucial to ensure that hazardous organisms within your within your effluent streams are neutralized within acceptable pH and temperature ranges before they are released into the environment. For sterilization or product deactivation applications it critical that your product receives precision and control of time and temperature during the continuous process.

Continuous Decontamination SystemAs an industry leader in sterilization and critical utilities Turn-Key Modular Systems is pleased to present a complete line of economical continuous treatment systems designed specifically for your rigorous Life Science and Food applications.

In an effort to meet the diverse process requirements of our clients, Turn-Key Modular Systems has employed our years of engineering and manufacturing experience to develop standard systems that are now available for Bio-waste kill, Bio-product inactivation and Continuous Sterilization.

Turn-Key modular Systems standard Continuous systems are designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of all of our clients. Whether you require 3A standard design or whether you need to meet the strictest cGMP and regulatory requirements within the Life Sciences Industry we can accommodate you with a quality and cost effective system.

All of our standard systems are configured to maximize the modular approach by including compact design features that afford trouble-free access for service and maintenance. Components and controls for each system are located within the modular system and their utilities are incorporated for single point field tie-ins. All product contact surfaces are available in 316L SS or 304SS with a surface finish of 35 Ra up to 15Ra with each unit.

Each system is designed standard to include Temperature range control of the Heating & Cooling Loops, a retention coil suited for individual product or effluent hold times and a stand-alone Programmable Logic Controller for control and monitoring. Data logging for our modules is handled by a printer, strip chart recorder or can be down loaded to local network through ethernet connection. Turn-Key Modular Systems Decontamination systems are designed to treat bio-hazard applications up to and including Biosafety Level 3 (BL3).

Further to these standard system features, Turn-Key Modular Systems also offers a list of options available for each module including:

• Water balance tank
• Hold tank that includes level monitoring & control
• Pressure Monitoring & Alarming of Tanks & Piping System
• pH control within the system for Acid or Base Addition prior to discharge to drain
• DCS automation system

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