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Bio-Waste Systems Minimize
How Does a Continuous System Work? Minimize

Continuous Decontamination process operates with the same design principles for waste decontamination as sterilizers for media or other fluid products.

The Continuous System components consist of a waste feed centrifugal pump, heater, retention tube, regeneration heater, cooler, sterilization cooler, chemical feeding system, associated valves and tubing, motor control, related sensors and instruments, process control system complete with alarms. For safety the system uses double walled plate and frame heat exchangers for the regeneration heater, the cooler, and the sterilization cooler. All Continuous Systems include an option for a balance tank that allows the system to be started with water for sterilization of the retention loop that will later be replaced by waste.

The process begins by introducing either water, waste or product into the system. This fluid is pumped through the heating loop that contains the retention coil and heater and is re-circulated until the desired retention time and retention temperature are met. The temperature, time and alarms are monitored and controlled by the system’s PLC or by a central DCS system. Once acceptable time and temperature requirements (sterilization) is achieved in the heating loop, the remainder of the fluid is introduced to the system and the continuous process begins. Fluid that has been processed through the sterilization loop at the required time and temperature is then directed to the cooling loop where the effluent or product is cooled to a desired discharge temperature. If required, during the cooling stage the addition of Acid or Caustic is facilitated by means of peristaltic pumps and monitored by pH probes located inline.
All system design are supplied with control and instrumentation to monitor process variables.

This design allows for the water to be reintroduced into the system at any time, maintaining a sterile process.
Should there be any alarms during the sterilization process the waste will be recycled through the sterilization loop or can be recycled back to a hold tank.

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