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Turn-Key Modular Systems standard CIP modules are designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of all of our clients. Whether you require 3A standard design or whether it is necessary to meet the strictest cGMP and regulatory requirements within the Life Sciences Industry, we can accommodate you with a quality and cost effective system.

All of our standard systems are configured to maximize the modular approach by including compact design features that afford trouble-free access for service and maintenance. Components and controls for each system are located within the modular system and their utilities are incorporated for single point field tie-ins. All CIP product contact surfaces are available in 316L SS or 304SS with a surface finish of either 35 Ra or 20Ra and with each unit, configurable cleaning programs can be provided with chart recording.

Turn-Key Modular Systems standard CIP modules contain several options to help realize our client’s application needs. Included in the options are chemical addition to automatically add detergents, heat exchange if adequate tempered water is not available, Conductivity sensors to monitor chemical concentration and purity of water for supply and return, and an air blow option to expedite the drying process. Fixed and Portable system designs will function based on a single use cycle with local recirculation and flow control.

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