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CIP is achieved by pumping cleaning solution through a piping network to achieve flow across equipment surfaces. In addition, spray devices are used to clean vessels, reactors and other process equipment.

The function of an automated CIP system may include the preparation of the cleaning agent, the heating of solution to a set temperature, the circulation of solution through the process equipment and the rinse and dry cycle of equipment at the appropriate times. The organization of these steps will be managed in the following stages:

• Preflush or Prerinse-Water removes the primary product left behind after manufacturing, thereby reducing the amount of soil on the surface before the cleaning solution is used.

• Wash-An appropriate concentration of cleaning solution is heated and then circulated through the process equipment and pipes. This can be re-circulated or dumped to waste depending on the application.

• Rinse-Water is recirculated to wash away the detergent

• Air Blow-Clean Heated air is circulated through the system in order to expedite the drying process

***Depending on the residue being cleaned, multiple wash steps may or may not be necessary

• Fixed systems are typically located in a central area of the facility and hard piped to the equipment that requires cleaning.

• The portable CIP unit is installed on a cart and is typically transported to the equipment that needs to be cleaned. Flexible hoses are used to connect the CIP unit to the equipment.

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